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$4 Gas

by frugalista on February 28, 2008

The New York Times wrote this story about how gas may be $4 per gallon this spring. This so frightens me. The good thing about doing no-buy month is that I have been more thoughtful about my travels. I walk to the grocery store, if I have time. I walk to the bank. But we all know, South Florida isn’t the most pedestrian-friendly place. To fill up my Honda, it’s about $45. I haven’t moved from my apartment because it’s close to my office, and I don’t want to waste gas. But if gas goes up to $4 I don’t know what I’ll do. As a reporter, I must use my car for work. I get reimbursed about $.35 per mile. I am not in the position to buy a hybrid.
I know the end of the no-buy month is near. But clearly, I will have to turn this into a no-buy life.
Does this potential gas increase concern anyone? 

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