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Carpet Fishing?

by frugalista on February 18, 2008

I am frugalizing today. Ok, it may not be a word, but it’s something I made up to describe the act of handling my financial business. As I’ve mentioned before, I just got cable. I got some bundled package with phone, internet and cable. But ever since I wrote a check to the installation guy, there’s always a new charge. First, it was the bill for $7.36. I never quite figured out what that was about. Then, I got the big bill for $148.44. When the cable company sold me the bundle, the customer service rep said my monthly bill would only be about $117 per month. WTF? 
One big problem is that the cable company says that there’s a $17.60 carpet fishing fee. WTF? I explained on the phone that I barely have carpet. I live in a one bedroom. No one mentioned it would take $17.60 to run a wire underneath the carpet. I only got one TV hooked up. I am waiting for a call back from the cable company. I want that fishing fee off. It’s, ahem, fishy to me.

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