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by frugalista on February 6, 2008

Cheapskate Ok, I am a big fan of Michelle Singletary’s The Color of Money column that runs in the Washington Post and Miami Herald. On Sunday, she wrote about Jeff Yeager, author of
The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches: A Practical (and Fun) Guide to Enjoying Life More by Spending Less. Yeager is one of those WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cheap people. Trust.

This is lifted directly from his website, :

I only buy my clothes at stores where I can also buy pork chops, in bulk.  I also "recant" (as opposed to "decant") the liquor I serve my guests, pouring cheap brands into empty premium brand bottles that I keep on hand, a practice that has never, ever been questioned by my fawning guests.  I use my salad spinner to quick dry paper towels and plastic bags for reuse, and I even inject leftover jelly into day-old donuts, if the plain ones are the only kind the bakery has on sale.

Yikes. Let’s be clear, I won’t be going to his house for dinner and most certainly not for drinks. Replacing Patron with a garbage tequila would be cause for a rumble, right there in his living room.  I’ve sent back many a glass of Riesling when bartenders thought I wouldn’t notice they served me Chardonnay. But I digress. I posted about him because his mantra is to spend less but live well, something I think is awesome. If I spent less, I wouldn’t worry about having enough saved up for the present/future. Talk about the good life. Yeager is in his 40s and is retired. He works when he wants to. Yeager doesn’t work because he HAS to.

How could spending less help you live well? And is Yeager out of control with his tactics?

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