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Friend Freebies

by frugalista on February 20, 2008

Since I started no-buy month, I’ve gotten two friend freebies. My coworker, Mike, bought me (and another coworker) a drink at the bar and my friend B. took me to lunch and to an art festival. When I started this challenge, I knew I had to be careful about the free things I get because it could be perceived as cheating. Some of my other coworkers have offered to pay for lunch when they are getting orders for the office. I always refuse. If it’s not a person who treats me normally, I don’t accept. I’ve gotten quite a few emails from readers who have asked me out to drinks, but I decline those.

I decided as a single woman, I would let myself go on dates, even if they are friends. As for friend freebie debts, I don’t have any. Mike always pays when we go out and he made it clear (he hit me up on facebook after reading the blog) drinks are on him. As for B., we hadn’t seen each other in years, so he sponsored the trip. He made the first call. Now, some of my homegirls have tried to spot me hook ups, but I don’t take those. I would most certainly feel obligated to pay them back. I don’t consider myself a mooch, just a chick who is blessed to have people who don’t mind paying to have her around. (in moderation) lol.

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