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Frugalista Law

by frugalista on February 27, 2008

Hello. Last night, I had a mini-breakdown because I couldn’t cop Erykah Badu’s new album. Just chalk it up to the stress of not knowing if the ground beef I left out for dinner was spoiled because of Florida’s power outage. For the record, the meat was fine. Being frugal makes you not want to waste anything.

One of my fav readers wondered about my frugalista status. Am I one? Or just one in training? After some soul searching, I realized that I am a frugalista. In celebration, I am creating "The Frugalista Law." I hope readers chime in on what should be some of the rules and regulations. Let’s craft some real legislation. Here are some of my thoughts:

1) Thou shalt not pay to get into the club
2)Thou shalt not dine at a sit-down restaurant more than once a month. If work has you too busy to cook, that job will give you a heart attack.
3) Thou shalt turn off the lights.
4)Thou shalt carry traveling fruit (bananas, apples, etc.) for snacks. Vending machines are the devil.

Ok, those are a few to get us started. I crafted these commandments based upon my weak areas. Suggestions? Chime in. First Frugalista Law, next creating world peace.

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