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Hairy Situation

by frugalista on February 7, 2008

My coworker has new hair. She got it cut into a bob. She has a new color job with highlights and low lights. It’s adorable. And I’m vexed.

Since starting this no-buy month I have been a kitchen beautician. I hate having a home ‘do. I love getting my hair done in a salon. Because I am a good customer at my salon, the owner let me slip in the door New Year’s Eve while others got sent away. My hair is thick. I believe my mother mated with a wolf. Thick hair is great, when it’s managed properly under professional care. But left to a hack like me, it’s, hmm, challenging.

I must confess. I haven’t washed my hair yet. I need to block out a morning to try to get it manageable. In the meantime, I beat back the little flakes at the crown so I don’t make my lack of maintenance so obvious. I pull out my color my gray stick and touch up the rogue strands. I’m not getting older, my hair is just changing colors. Yes, that’s the ticket.

I am especially touchy about my hair because I am going to on television next Tuesday on the local morning show on CBS 4’s My33 channel. And I will be on air with a HOME ‘DO. I laugh at people who show up on television with BAD HAIR. OTHER PEOPLE DO TOO. And now, I will be joining the ranks. A person who knew they were going to be on television and showed up to the studio with BAD HAIR.


The pain we must endure to save $70-$120 per month. The pain. 

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