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In the Closet

by frugalista on February 19, 2008

I have not been in a mall or clothing boutique since launching this no-buy thing. Some days, I mourn the mall. I had a "moment" last Friday when Aventura Mall opened a Nordstrom’s. I so wanted to be there. But Nordstrom’s and Natalie and no-buy challenge just don’t mix.

But really, this closet shopping thing has been working out pretty well. I’ve taken to washing some of my silk clothes because I can’t go to the cleaners. I know that’s not the best for the fabric, but I felt like the cleaners never got them as fresh as I wanted them any way. And between you and me, I LOVE washing clothes. Good fetish to have.

And for days like today, when I’m really pressed for something to wear, I get creative. I’ve mentioned before, every holiday, my mother stays with me for a month. For some reason, she always leaves some clothes behind, like a puppy marking her spot.

Today, I’m wearing one of her flowy shirts. So far, I’ve gotten two compliments from coworkers, and it’s not even lunch. I am a closet queen.

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