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Morning Money

by frugalista on February 2, 2008

Last night, I cleaned off my counter tops and threw away/shredded some ancillary papers. In the process of shuffling papers,I discovered a check my mother wrote me for $50 dated January 4.

Every year, my Mom comes to stay with me for at least a month during the Christmas holidays. During a mall run, we spotted some clothes on sale (a dress and a blouse) for $50 total. Because the department store didn’t take out-of-state checks, I bought the items, and my mom wrote me a check to reimburse me.
But I lost the check-until last night. It was at my desk, underneath my Newsweek magazine.
This morning, I woke up and walked to the bank near my home and deposited it (walking is free!). Clearly, I need to be more careful with my cash. And I need to toss my floating scraps of paper more. On the good side, I have $50 to let sit in the bank. Yay.

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