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Super Tuesday

by frugalista on February 5, 2008

Good morning, my friends in frugality. Last night, I was not a trooper. I got home from work at a decent hour, but I didn’t thaw out any meat for dinner. Before no-buy month, I would make a Pollo Tropical or pizza run and be fine. But due to my lack of planning, I became a scavenger last night. My dinner was a mix of celery, peanut butter, salsa and tortilla chips. This is not something I’m sticking my chest out about, but this cooking coordination is a true challenge. I’m doing great bringing my lunch to work and even eating breakfast. But when the night falls, I’m not the best at organizing meals.

So, in honor of Super Tuesday today, where millions cast votes for their party’s presidential nominees, I offer you a chance to vote.
I am determined to make a decent dinner this week without the assistance of a master chef. What should I make? This is a non-partisan vote.

What should I make for dinner this week?
c)chicken with teriyaki sauce
d)A great recipe that you will post on Frugalista Files

Please post, er vote, on this blog. My stomach is depending on you.

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