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Weekend Warrior

by frugalista on February 10, 2008

I met up with two coworkers Friday night at a bar in the design district. The Miami Herald has a new radio director in town so I invited her out. While I love the life I’ve carved out for myself here, I know it can be hard moving to a new place with no friends.
At the bar, my friend/coworker Mike said that I just asked him out so he could pay for drinks. But really, every time we go out, he pays for drinks. I only had one.

We had a ball getting to know our new coworker. She’s pretty funny, a great trait for the newsroom. The good thing about hanging in the design district and not South Beach is no parking fees. Fun night indeed, but I think I’ll be buying Mike a drink in March. I want no hurt feelings over my amaretto sour.

On Saturday, I finally made the spaghetti. I used angel hair pasta because it was on  sale. I used my mom’s recipe. And it turned out just like my mom’s. I made enough food to feed a family of four, just like my mom. LOL.

Have a great Sunday.

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