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What the 5!

by frugalista on February 13, 2008

It’s raining crazy down here in South Florida. The bad thing about rain is that traffic and your hair (yes, that word again) get messed up. The great thing about rain is that you have an excuse to not get your car washed. After going two weeks without a professional wash, my car is rather ashy.

Anyway, I met Toni and J.R., the hosts of What the 5! at 7 a.m. I met other crew members,too. They are all super sweet. On the set, we joked around a bit. I envied Toni’s manicured nails. J.R. clued me in on what was going to happen during my time on the show.

I was a little worried about getting a parking ticket on the University of Miami’s campus, but luckily, I didn’t. This frugal thing brings about a good energy, I think.

When I took the toll road to and from the set of What the 5!, I noticed how I had singles in my purse and pulled them out with ease. Before no-buy  month, I would burn up my singles at the vending machine. I have certain toll booth operators who I consider friends because I always take a long time at their booth, scrounging for spare change because I burned up all my dollar bills by being a spending maniac.

But not anymore. No more angry cars behind me, honking for me to get a move on.

Life is sweet.

Check out the clip,


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