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A Sunday Frugal moment

by frugalista on March 16, 2008

So I went to church today with my friend, Monica. We had a frugal moment. Monica’s been following along with the blog and is becoming more frugal every second. She’s slayed her expenses and increased her 401k savings. She’s going to a guest blog later to share how she’s changed her situation for the better. We enjoyed church service. I gave more than a few crumbled bills, but I am no where near tithing.
Here’s the frugal moment: after church, Monica and I went home. WHOA. That’s huge. After church, many people get together to go to IHOP or their favorite soul food restaurant, heck even Red Lobster. But this time, Monica and I just gave a warm hug and headed home. I’m cooking today enough food to last me for a few days next week. Eating a restaurant feast after church won’t help my frugal cause. All my fellowshipping must be done in church quarters. Sometimes being frugal means less of a social life, but really, it’s worth it in the end.

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