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At the Salon

by frugalista on March 7, 2008

For the first time, in more than a month I hit the salon. I got hair color, trim and relaxer for $80 (including tip). It was weird being back in the saddle, er salon chair. I liked the way my hair turned out, but I didn’t like forking over the loot. Every six weeks, I get a relaxer on my tresses. Because of no-buy month, I stretched it to eight weeks. I was just fine with that. Some of the Frugalista Files readers have suggested going natural. But even if I went natural, I think I’d find my way to a salon.

I told the stylist I wouldn’t be back until I got a relaxer. She suggested coming back in two weeks to redo my color. I’m trying to get this reddish tint out of my hair, but the rinse she put in didn’t do the trick. But really, I think I’ll deal with having an Orphan Annie tinge to my tresses. I won’t be back for another eight weeks. I’m starting to hate spending money. (break through!)

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