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Calling Coupon Connoisseurs

by frugalista on March 30, 2008

Happy Sunday morning. So, after posting last week about cutting back on the grocery/food bill, I am checking out the Sunday newspaper for coupons. I’m starting to think this may be counterproductive. I got my income tax return Friday, so my bank account is quasi-flush. All these Office Depot and Best Buy ads for LCDs, GPS’ and laptops have me drooling. All I wanted to do was check out the big box and grocery store chains so I can stay within my $50 food budget this week and now I am tempted to spend hundreds.


Anyhow, please let me know your coupon clipping strategy. Coupons are all the rage. I’ll let you know how my clippings go, but I think there’s an art to this.

How do you find grocery deals?

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