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Cheapie Me

by frugalista on March 12, 2008

Since I’ve started this frugal thing, I’ve noticed a change. Whenever I hear the word, free, my ears perk up. I find myself taking advantage of things, just because they are free. Case in point, the business side of the newspaper had a party. At the party, they handed out free samples of hand sanitizer. I think hand sanitizers are evil. It’s better just to wash your hands. But I took one anyway (haven’t used it) just because it was free. I have developed a coffee habit, too. My company has free coffee in the kitchen. At work, I visit the desks of friends who have the goodies. Nothing wrong with some free pretzels, right? I should have shame, but I don’t. LOL. Have you trained your ears to perk up when you hear free?

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