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Fruga in Kansas City

by frugalista on March 22, 2008

Dear Frugalites,

I’m writing from the road. I am in Kansas City visiting a friend who is fighting a terminal illness. I spent yesterday at the hospital and will probably head back there in a bit. The flight and car for this trip is costing me $400, but you can’t really put a price tag on telling a loved one what they mean to you. After doing the no-buy month in February, I had the extra money to pay for this trip in CASH.

I am here with my friend, Greg, and we are staying in a hotel. Greg is also on the frugal plan, too. We are swapping paying for meals, and luckily I get to pay for lunch, which is cheaper. We don’t have a kitchen at the hotel and we can’t eat at the family’s house because they are at the hospital with us.

At the airport, I parked in remote parking, which is the cheapest. I know it would have been cheaper to have a friend drop me off at the airport but my flight left at 6 a.m. on Friday. I would have fumed if someone woke up late and made me miss my flight. I know my independent streak can be costly, but no way I was going to miss/delay this trip.

So, how do you plan for travel and cut back on expenses?

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