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Help the Homeless

by frugalista on March 26, 2008

Ok, so my apartment complex is getting fumigated next week. Guess who’s going to be homeless for two nights? Yes, me. I am vexed, but I knew it was coming. My neighbor had his apartment fumigated already, and I babysat his four boxes of groceries. Good thing I was out of town last week. I was tempted to sizzle up some of his chicken. So now, I’m in a bind. I love my friends, but most of them are like me. We are single women who love our space. Being independent is costly, I think. One friend just moved into a new building and still has packing boxes. I’m scared to ask to park on her couch. She may be a little overwhelmed. My other friend is sweet, but her mom is in town. Mama trumps party friend, for sure. I have cousin who lives down here, but we talk every blue moon. I have a good network  of names, but let’s be clear, we don’t do sleepovers.

I called around to different hotels nearby. The prices are WAY too high. I just don’t want to spend $180 staying at some gross chain. I will reconcile, I’m sure. Sometimes being frugal means being friend dependent. What do you think I should do?

Should I ask to bunk with:

a) The long-lost cousin who recently got married
b) Gross hotel chain
c) Friend who recently moved and has unpacked boxes. She’s also a workaholic attorney who goes to bed early
d) The friend with the two bedroom but has complained to me about our other friends always bunking with her
e) Some great find/ choice you will suggest

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