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Is Your Love Muffin a Credit Abuser?

by frugalista on March 28, 2008

Blogger Connie Prater sent me over this link about how to tell if your boo is deep in credit card debt. It’s the 11 Signs Your Mate has Credit Problems. I know I carry a credit card balance, but I’m not as bad as the mythical person in her post. I’ve bought a meal or two for a friend, but rarely do I buy a round of drinks. My drinking fund will not be compromised. heheh.

Now, I DID go on a date with a gentleman, who wanted to order the entire menu at a sports bar and drink Patron. Did I mention he was a former athlete? So anyway, after grubbing away, the bill came. Gold card declined. Instead of walking over to the ATM machine in the complex, said guy asked me for $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I was looking too cute to wash dishes that night, I gave it to him. HE NEVER OFFERED TO PAY IT BACK. Trust,  I don’t communicate with the ex baller anymore. It was only a second date. I guess the previous Thai lunch date drained his account. I dodged a bullet on that one.

Do you know any people who are maxed out on credit? What are some of the signs?

Happy Friday

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