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Motor City Blues

by frugalista on March 19, 2008

Nocars Living in South Florida pretty much means you need a car. Working as a journalist down here, guarantees it. My beloved ride, God bless it, is a money drain. It works great. But to keep it running great, means regular maintenance check ups and all that jazz. *Sigh* I intend to keep the ride until it dies, but I’m still not happy that it needs a $109.95 minor service. I need to rotate and balance my wheels, inspect the brakes, change the wheels, and get minor adjustments made. Did I ever disclose that part of the reason my credit bill is high is because of the $500 tires and major service for $300 I had to do last November?  In addition to the minor service I need, one of my keys for my ride has died. I need a back up. The key is all high-tech, so a new set of keys will run me about $200. My mechanic advised that I get two keys this time in one swoop. Luckily, this no buy/frugalistic thing has my account fatter. More and more, it seems that living frugal means that I am able to stop using my credit card (good thing), but I’m not really able to "get ahead." I’m trying to stay positive, but there are so many other things I want to use this money for. I know, worse problems to have. I just needed to vent.

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