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Needs and Wants

by frugalista on March 6, 2008

One of the things I learned from this no-buy month is that I have enough. If I had gotten the opportunity to do TV appearances without no-buy month in my life, I most certainly would have spent about $200 buying new shirts for the "right look." But because of the no-buy month, I just closet shopped and found clothes that were just fine.

How often do you feel like you NEED to spend money? Before no-buy month, I felt like that often. I needed to buy things just to "get it right." When it came time for hair appointments, I really felt like I needed a professional’s touch to feel good about the way my hair looks. Trust, I still enjoy the look, but is it really a need? It had become a $70 to $105 monthly need. That’s too much for me to spend at this stage in my life.

I have many talents and an aptitude for learning. Perfecting arching my eyebrows or styling my hair is just a new avenue for learning for me. I won’t look at it as a restriction.

This week has been a struggle with "frugalizing." I have been buying these little bottles of orange juice because I’m sniffly. So far, I’ve spent about $8 on them. It would have been better to buy a large container of orange juice for $3.50. Also, I have eaten out at my Thai place for lunch, twice at a Chinese take out. That little habit has cost me $21. *sigh*

Did you spend any money this week on wants? If so, let me know. We can get through this together.

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