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Recession Question

by frugalista on March 20, 2008

One of my former editors- Scott Andron- wrote a story today about clues that we are in a recession. I, for one, most certainly believe we are in a recession. There’s a reason why I’m doing this blog.

But not to get too alarmed, there are somethings that I am doing differently to make myself feel less anxiety.

1)Washing more clothes (even silk) at home. Unless it’s a suit, I pretty much wash it.

2)Think about the cost of entertainment. I don’t really pay to have fun, other than parking or maybe a drink. The Erykah Badu concert is a perfect example. Fun has to be free.

3) I made my friend converts. I only hang with frugal-minded people. Or, if my friends like to spend, they know not to ask me to go out. There are no popping bottles on my excursions. If my friends and I must break bread in public, it has to be lunch.

4)Side hustling. At my job, I’ve been doing extra assignments for extra cash. Cutting expenses plus earning more money makes for a very happy Frugalista.

So, fair frugalites, what are you doing to make yourself recession proof?

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