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Taxes, Refunds and what to do

by frugalista on March 18, 2008

So, I filed my taxes over the weekend. Gold Star. I used Turbo Tax, which was free last year because I was a first-time user and I used it through my bank. This year, Turbo Tax stuck me with a $30 bill. Meh. Still, TT is much easier than the pencil calculations I used to do when I did my taxes by myself. Then again, that’s still $30 I won’t be getting back.

I’m getting a tax refund of $1,600. I know I shouldn’t withhold so much money during the year, but I owed some money one year and that was no fun. I over corrected, but I’m at peace with that decision. Also, I am supposed to get $600 from that economic stimulus plan. Part of me wants to throw the cash on debts. Another part wants to beef up my savings. One thing’s for sure,  I have NO intentions of "stimulating the economy." Take a look at my credit card bills and bank statements, and you will see I’ve done more than my fair share.

Here is a calculator if you don’t know how much of an economic stimulus check you will be getting.

If you are getting a tax refund or stimulus check, what are you spending the money on?

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