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The Good, The Bad and the Polish

by frugalista on March 9, 2008

So my first week off the no-buy month is over. I’ve spent much of the last week trying to show restraint with spending while living like a normal person.

For instance, I went a whole month without a car wash. My ashy car looked like it was in a Midwest snow storm. Instead of getting the $18 wash, where they give you the nice smelling scent and wipe down your dashboard, I just got a $8 wash. I cleaned out the inside of the ride myself, saving a bit of money. I bought some thank you cards, too. They cost $8 for 20. I suppose I could just write thank you letters, but I’m a sucker for a good card. The ones I bought are tre cute.

My food budget is still a problem. I made several Publix runs and ate out six times last week. On food alone, I spent $105.60. Only $60 of it was from Publix, and my refrigerator is not stocked. Meh.

On the good side, I didn’t set foot in a mall/clothing store. I really don’t miss buying clothes. I did such a good job of shopping pre-buy month, I am coasting now with the gear. And because I’ve lost a few pounds, I can fit into some of my button-down shirts. Who knew being frugal can turn you into a fox?

Also, no nail salon for me. I went to a wedding on Saturday. I wore peep-toe shoes that only showcased the last lacquer left on my big toe from my January pedicure. I tricked them all!

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