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What I’m spending my $400 saved on

by frugalista on March 13, 2008


Tons of people have asked what I’m going to spend the $400 on that I saved from doing February’s no-buy month. I had planned to plunk every nickel on one of my two credit cards. I had lofty goals of getting rid of one card’s balance by the summer. But, something else has come up. A good friend who I’ve known since undergrad is terminally ill. I have tried to visit him in Missouri since January, but he’s thwarted my attempts and attempts of other friends to see him. It’s hard dealing with a life-threatening illness. It’s also hard to be a friend of someone who is going through this. Finally, my friend has reached the point where he is open to company. He is at peace with what has happened. So now, I am going. The airline ticket is $338, the car rental is $66. I am meeting another friend of ours there, and he will pick up the bill for the hotel room.

I wish I could say that I am going to get rid of debt, or go on an awesome vacation with my money saved. But I am so happy that I am seeing my friend. It’s worth every dollar.

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