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A Burning Question

by frugalista on April 23, 2008

Candle Ok, so last night I chatted with my friend, Tiffany. She works in the fashion industry. As part of a gift bag from a designer, she got a $27 Thymes candle  during Fashion Week. Tiffany can’t stop raving about this free candle. The scent is red cherie, and everyone in her office says the candle gives them a sense of peace. She eats at her desk and the scent whisks away any old food smells. She even says it takes away her stress. Did I mention she works THREE jobs?  I mean, this candle sounds like joy in a jar. Tiff says she would have buyer’s remorse for spending $27 on candle. But if something is that thrilling, I say budget for it. Everyone has their own way of budgeting, but I think purchasing the candle could come out of the miscellaneous or entertainment section. Right now, I’m working on retooling my budget so I won’t have anymore blousegate stories.  A frugalisto friend, JD, recommended mint.com .

How do you divide your budget?  Do you have a miscellaneous file for treats such as, oh, high-end candles?  Do you think that no matter what, $27 for a candle is nuts? What software for budgets do you use?

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