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Budget Update: The Good, the Bad, the Not so Bad

by frugalista on April 14, 2008

Ok, so it’s been a while since I let you take a peak into my wallet…Some good things, some bad. Let’s lead with the good:

Yay File

1) The $1,000 check cleared on the credit card. Click here for the update.

2) My light bill in March was $62.09. That’s less than the $66.47 bill from February. And WAY down from January’s $107.50 light bill

3) Cell phone bill was $76.78. The month before: $85.83 (I get a $40 allowance from the company, too!)

Groan File

So much for that $50 per week spending on food. This is what I’ve spent so far this month:

$5.25  Chinese food lunch

$7.48  Dinner

$10.55  Cuban lunch (shrimp creole)

$5.57  Chinese take out

$8.43 Thai lunch

$14.98  Publix run

$17   Atlantic Bar and Grill (I took a new coworker out for drinks. She had bought dinner)

$11.15  Publix run

$14.93  Dinner at Pasha’s (This was during the time I was homeless and staying with a friend)

$25.14  Dinner at Pasha’s (I bought my friend a gift as a repayment)

$7.37 Cuban lunch

$4.19  Chicken lunch special

$15   Lunch at Starbucks

$15  Three different pizza runs

$20 (estimate on gas station runs)

Not so bad

1) $16.04  Arden B. blouse I wore on a dinner date Friday

2) $20.30 Banana Republic dress I’ve worn to work

3) $20.30 Banana Republic dress (I bought the same dress as a birthday gift for a friend because I loved it so much.)

Whew! That was a lot. Please let me know what you think about  my "budget" And please let me know how you are doing financially!

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