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Cheap Date

by frugalista on April 11, 2008

Happy Friday! Well it’s Friday, the night many people think of as date night. I ran across this article about dating frugally. Trust, I enjoy a guy who splurges on me like the next woman. But, when it comes to long-term relationships, I would want to be with someone who had his finances together. I mean, even millionaires have to watch their pennies.

Renting a favorite movie, test driving a sports car and cooking a themed meal together are suggestions that work for me. I like these ideas because they are things I wouldn’t do on my own. I rarely go to movies, drive sports cars or do serious cooking. These dates wouldn’t feel cheap to me because I would feel like I was learning something/being upgraded.

The whole browse a ritzy museum gift shop idea wouldn’t work for me. I would probably want a gift out of there. heheh.

So, do you date like a frugal? If so, what are your tips? Or, are you turned off by a date who is obviously a cheapie? 

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