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Friends in Frugality

by frugalista on April 4, 2008

I have different sets of friends. One set travels to hip cities for events such as jazz concerts, taste festivals and all-star games. I love them, but I can’t keep up. They alway ask me to go with them and mention how we’d all be sharing the hotel room costs. I always tell them no because the trips are pricey. I hate feeling like the odd woman out, but I am responsible for my fiscal health. If I can’t swing it, I can’t swing it.

When I started cutting back expenses, I tried to get all my friends on the frugality band wagon. I wish I could say I asked them to join because I wanted them to prosper financially, but really that wasn’t the case. I just knew that if I had a no-spend circle around me, I wouldn’t be tempted to burn cash.

I really enjoyed reading this New York Times article about how people saved money to purchase a home in the big city. It seems like a lot of the people in the article surrounded themselves with like-minded frugal people.

Do you find yourself wishing your friends didn’t pressure you to spend? Are most of your friends living the frugal lifestyle? Can spenders and savers co-exist?

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