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Green Groceries: Paper or Plastic May Cost You

by frugalista on April 6, 2008

Leaf_green_grocery_pod_thumb Seattle is considering a $.20 fee for grocery shoppers who use paper or plastic bags. We all know the paper/plastic bags aren’t the most environment friendly. When I grocery shop, if I have just a few items, I’ll pass on the plastic. If I do use plastic bags, I save them and reuse them as shower caps when I’m deep conditioning my hair or as garbage bags when I’m tossing my trash. I’m not a fan of fees, but I think this new proposal in Seattle is kinda neat. If people use reusable grocery bags, they will be fee free.

What do you think? Do you think think there should be a fee charged for people who don’t bring reusable grocery bags to the store? Do you think this is a ploy to get money from the little person? Do you use paper, plastic or cloth grocery bags?

UPDATE: Reader Savvy asked if a person brought in a plastic bag, would he or she still get the fee? I called Lori Patrick, a Seattle spokeswoman, and she said the person would not be charged for bringing in his or her own plastic bag.

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