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Green Water

by frugalista on April 13, 2008

In South Florida, water is a delicacy. Watering your lawn off schedule is a federal crime. Ok, just jokes. But, only recently, the water management district relaxed the watering restrictions.

I wrote a story today about how Broward Community College is trying to save money by taking green initiatives. Many of the initiatives dealt with water consumption. One of the biggies: waterless urinals.  Hey, by any means necessary.

New reader, Wayne, wrote in a few water saving tips. He’s a frugalisto:
-Fix all leaks
-Use low flow shower heads and take only 2-3 minute showers
-Shorter laundry, dishwasher wash cycles, fuller loads
-Don’t run water thoughtlessly when brushing teeth

Outdoor (for homeowners):
-Manually run the sprinkler system
only if natural rainfall isn’t sufficient
-Most sprinkler cycles are set with too many minutes of watering for a given area. Reduce the cycle time
-Sprinklers often water pavement and areas without plants. Adjust and apply water only where needed
-Use only one bucket of water to wash the car

What are some of your water-saving ideas? Do you take short showers? Do you keep the faucet running while brushing your smile? Or are you one of the people who rarely flushes the toilet to save on the water bill? Talk to me!

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