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by frugalista on April 2, 2008

So, today is the moving day. Thanks to everyone who  helped me decide where to stay for two days while my living quarters are fumigated for termites. So, I picked option C, staying with my friend who is an attorney. Things are going to be tight this week. I ate up most of the food in my refrigerator, in anticipation of the move. The rest of my food is going in a cooler to my friend’s apartment.

I want to do something nice for my friend to thank her for letting me couch surf. Several readers suggested buying dinner. I could make dinner, but she’s one of those really good cooks. I’m not convinced she would trust me in her kitchen. I’m not so sure I will make my $50 food budget this week, either.  I spent $13 on food yesterday.

Do you have any suggestions of affordable gifts that I could give my friend for letting me crash at her place?  Should I buy dinner? Or should I buy something like a candle?  Should I cook dinner one night?

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