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Six-Word Memoir

by frugalista on April 12, 2008

Ok, so there’s a game of tag going around the blogosphere. Bloggers who are tagged are asked to to write a six-word memoir,  link to the person who tagged them, tag five more blogs, and leave a comment with five more blogs to play.  Twiggers tagged me yesterday.

My six-word memoir is….

Peace, values and a decent wine

I got this from a song by one of the Marley kids. The song talks about "searching to find" peace, values and a decent wine. I try to do the right thing most of the time. And I love being social. Fine wine/liquor adds to the experience. Sometimes I do a good job of living my six-word memoir. Other times I don’t. But my memoir is the definition of "the good life.” for me. Well, that and six months of living expenses in the bank! lol

The hit list

1) WIts and Pieces
2) Product Junkie Diva
3) Ms. Money Savvy

4) Fangirling my Finances
5) Money Monk

Ok, I have lots of friends, I want to add more
6) afrobella
7) Chicks and Balances

What is your six-word memoir?

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