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Taxing Issues

by frugalista on April 30, 2008

Money The economic stimulus checks are trickling in ahead of schedule. I can’t wait to get mine. Many retailers are offering deals for customers who turn over the check.  Wal Mart is cashing the checks for free. There will be no retail excursions on my check, no matter how "gracious" the offer. I know businesses are hurting from the slow economy but personal finance matters the most. I say pay off debts or save. I went to the mall last Saturday and noticed a $15 sweater from the week before was now $40. I think some of these stores are jacking up prices in anticipation of the mini-windfalls. Meh.

Here is the new timeline for when most of us will get the loot.

Will you do any retail therapy with the government check? What do you think about the retailers and their stimulus check marketing? Is it a savvy business practice or are they preying on the little person?

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