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Taxman Cometh

by frugalista on April 10, 2008

Tax20man_2 April 15th is just around the corner. Have you filed your taxes? I filed mine already and have gotten a refund. I mailed today a $1,000 check to my credit card, courtesy of the refund. Mini-yay.

If you live in Broward, here are some free sites that will prepare your taxes. If you live in Miami-Dade, here are a few for you, too.

If you are one of my lovely, national readers, click here for info on free tax preparation sites. You may be eligible.

If you want to see if you get an economic stimulus payment, click here.

If you are eligible for the economic stimulus payment and want to know when you will get the money, click here.

I am eligible for the stimulus payment. All of the money from it will go right to el credit card. Can’t wait until May.

If you are eligible for the stimulus payment, what will you spend the money on? Will you save, buy something nice or pay down debts? Let’s talk about it.

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