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Cable Con

by frugalista on May 28, 2008

I ran across this interesting article about how cable is very expensive, especially considering how few channels users actually watch. I am guilty. I fought against cable for years, and I finally got it in January so I could watch The Wire and CNN. Now that I have it, I only really watch CNN and the Style Network. Still, I hold onto to cable service. I have a bundled package which includes my Internet and phone service for $122. Am I getting ripped off? For all my chatter about saving money, why do I still have cable?
I seemed to live just fine without it for years. I think cable is a social expense. No one wants to visit your house if you don’t have cable. They just don’t.

Do you have cable? How much is your bill? Do you think you are being ripped off? And just how many channels do you watch?

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