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Do you Telecommute?

by frugalista on May 30, 2008

Years ago, when I scouted for an apartment, I picked one close to work. I hate commuting. HATE IT. It’s time wasted, energy burned and a money drain. Even if gas were super cheap, long commutes add miles to your car, increasing wear and tear and the need for more maintenance which costs $$! If you all haven’t figured it out by now, I am car adverse. Cars don’t appreciate in value and are costly. Yes, they keep me mobile, but at a pretty hefty price.  Did I tell you I spent $63 on gas yesterday? And NO, I don’t drive a truck.

Some days I could telecommute, like when I’m writing a story. But when I need to talk to people in person, telecommuting isn’t an option. Anyhow, blogger and reporter Bridget Carey posted on techie people telecommuting.

Do you telecommute? Did your company suggest it or did you ask for it? Do you get as much work done at home? Would you like to telecommute?

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