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Do your friends know how much you make?

by frugalista on May 5, 2008

My brother-in-blogging Keith at $ out of $.15  posted a New York Times story  about how young professionals are more apt to know the salaries of their friends. Yikes. I think that’s a touchy topic. Now, for most of my media friends, I have a ball park figure of their salaries. I don’t disclose what I make to my friends or family, but I think everyone has a clue. I am eligible for an economic stimulus payment; so, I’m not a millionaire. I have told my mentors what I make. I always seek their advice during salary negotiations. I know a reporter whose friend at work told her how much she made. It turned out to be WAY more than what the reporter made. The reporter marched up to management, pleaded her case and got a raise. Sharing salary information can have its perks.

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