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by frugalista on May 14, 2008

Frugal_pig One of my favorite columnists Michelle Singletary wrote about agencies that want to make being thrifty/frugal the hip thing to do.

I’m trying to do my own frugal campaign, too. Fun, fashionable and frugal is my mantra. What else is there to life? I mean, my readers revolt at squandering money but are sure up to see a free concert or two. It’s the best of both worlds. My philosophy is to enjoy my life as much as possible, while minding the bank. Miser McNeal will never be my name. I don’t mind blabbing about a balance on a credit card or how I couldn’t go out to play because I’m trying to save a buck or two. Financial freedom works better for me. Since I’ve taken a vow a frugality, I feel much more focused.

In the personal finance blogging world, paying off debt is a big old carnival  on the internet. I am so glad I started blogging. It’s like group therapy but you go to sessions at your leisure. Tricia at Blogging Away Debt, posted about several bloggers who paid off debt.  For some folks, it took years, but they did it. Tricia’s no slouch either. She’s gone from $37,614 to $8,998 in debt.

Certainly, saving money is not a new concept, but somehow it got placed on the back burner for far too many.

I’m glad that speaking/blogging/writing about not becoming prey to subprime loans, credit cards or extravagant lifestyles is en vogue.  It’s overdue.

Do you think it’s becoming cool to be frugal? Is the culture of bling and excess out of style? Do you think Americans are having a wake up call? Do you think  even saying that saving money is a new craze hilarious to you? I mean, America has gone through a Great Depression.

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