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Frugal Fairy at the Grocery Store

by frugalista on May 4, 2008

Tinkerbellsite I went grocery shopping today. I love to eat shrimp and grits, so when I went to the cheese aisle, I studied the options carefully. I grew up on Kraft, so of course I was peeping that brand’s array of shredded cheese. As I studied my cheese options, a woman appeared and gave me a "frugal alert." "GET THE STORE BRAND! IT’S ON SALE," she said. And then POOF, she disappeared. WHOA! Of course, after seeing that frugal fairy,  I walked out with a nice, 4-ounce bag of Monterey Jack and cheddar blend for about two dollars cheaper than the Kraft. I don’t think she knew I was a frugal blogger. I almost think there’s a brother/sisterhood among consumers nowadays. What am I thinking? That’s exactly what I have going on with this blog. I didn’t have the chance to thank the frugal fairy for the heads up, but it was a loving moment.

As a sidebar, I wanted to let you know that Publix is giving out free antibiotics to people who have a prescription for the drugs. My friend’s daughter had an ear infection and used Publix’s free antibiotics. The little girl hasn’t grown a second head…yet. heheh. Just jokes. For more infomation, click here.

Have you ever had a frugal fairy? A frugal fairy is someone who gives you great advice and steers you from making a not so great money decision. If you have, tell me about it. Also, would you get your prescription filled at a grocery store?

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