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Frugalicious Desserts

by frugalista on May 16, 2008

Happy Friday! For all of your hard work, here are some top frugalicious desserts 
from blogger Squawkfox. What I like about this list is that a) she includes chocolate b) the desserts are healthy c) it’s affordable.

Also, here is a recipe for Snickerdoodles from the Living on a Dime blog.
I learned to make snickerdoodles in a baking class I took in 5th grade, and they are tre yummy. It’s nice to know that the cookies make the affordable edible cut.  I was ahead of the curve! :)

When I’m at a restaurant, I share dessert with my dining partners.  Dessert sharing is more about keeping the waistline in check, not the budget. It’s all gravy if my budgets benefits, right?

Do you have any dessert recipes that are sweet on the budget? If so, give em up, pretty please!

Have a great weekend!

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