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Holiday Plans?

by frugalista on May 22, 2008

Vacationtravel So, a three-day weekend is right around the corner. What are your plans and how are you going to frugalize? Here are some summer travel tips.

I have a pretty busy weekend planned, so I wanted to share and tell you how I’m watching my dollars.

Thursday-Going to see NPR host Diane Rehm speak. Luckily, the event won’t cost me anything but gas will be a killer. It’s still worth going.

Friday-One of my best friends, Mike, invited me and some other folks out for drinks. The hang out is at a trendy place which means $14 martinis and $20 shots of Patron. I’m going to nurse a Riesling all night. I think the wine will be under $10. This night has the great potential to be a money trap.

Saturday- A guy friend is taking me to the Marlins game and we are going to an after concert to see Lisa Lisa from Cult Jam. YAY! I can eat before I go, so Saturday won’t be too costly.

Sunday- I’m going to a lounge for an attorney fund raiser /party to fight cancer. I’ll give a $20 donation and it’s a tax write off. It’s a party with a purpose. Gas will be a killer driving there, but parking is plentiful and cheap in Miami’s Design District.

Monday- While you all are grilling, I’ll be working. I can’t let the overtime go untouched. My social life and credit card could use the discretionary income.

Even though I’m not going out of town, I still feel like I have travel expenses because of all the driving I will be doing. This high-priced gas is a mess.

What are your holiday plans? Are you frugalizing? Did you cut back on plans this year to save money? Talk to me!

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