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Lifestyle Creep

by frugalista on May 27, 2008

Moneydraindl1 I ran across this great article about Americans and their little splurges that add up. I am guilty of this. Since joining the frugality team, I made a plan to spend a certain amount of money per month on my credit card.  I’ve kept up with that plan and I haven’t used the card since my frugality vow. I already save automatically through my 401(k) at work. But, I know I can do better if I would practice penury.

For instance, this past weekend, I didn’t spend a lot of cash, but I did buy a drink at the bar for $12. Maybe I should have had a coke?  Part of being frugal and fabulous is maintaining your budget and your lifestyle. Can you really do both?

Blogger Ms.Money Savvy posted on lifestyle creeps a while ago. I always thought it was a good post. I don’t want to be a miser grouch. But, having debt doesn’t make me happy either.

Here are some tips on stopping the money drain.

Let’s talk about it! Do you have a lifestyle creep that needs to stop? Are you hanging at Starbucks too much? Are you buying up too many accessories for the house? Or, are you the person who never spends a nickel and feels like life is passing them by?

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