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Lil’ Kim’s Bentley Repossessed?

by frugalista on May 1, 2008

Lil_kim_2 Wha-wha-wha-WHAT!! According to this report by New York’s CW-11 channel, rapper Lil’ Kim got a visit from the repo man for her Bentley. The car is valued at about $250,000.I know I posted before on the luxury recession. Clearly, the mini-sized rapper must be having her own version of it. Aw Kimmie, keep your lighter up.

Doing time in the clink can be hard on the finances. *Silently glad that I drive a sedan.*   

What do you think about this report? Do you think entertainers and athletes need courses on money management? Or do you think they are just like us, trying to figure out a way to live life well and still pay bills?

Thanks to the high duchess of beauty, Product Junkie Diva, for the tip!

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