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Mother’s Day

by frugalista on May 8, 2008

Mothers_day_card1 Mother’s Day is the time of the year to honor the woman who gave birth to you. Or you can simply honor all the good women who’ve had an impact on your life.

But what can you get for the special woman as a gift that won’t break the bank? Gift giving can be great, IF you can afford it. I’m always a big fan of planning in your budget for gifts. But even if you plan, you still may not be able to spend much money. And mothers have their own hang ups about receiving gifts, too. My friend Jeannette is a reporter, wife, mother of two and feels guilty that she asked her hubby for a $67 bottle of perfume. You can read about her frugal dilemma here.

As for Mama McNeal, she’s getting an airline gift card. She’s a flying granny nanny, helping out with my niece who lives hundreds of miles away. It’s what she wants.

My affordable gift idea is writing an appreciative letter. I wrote my grandmother a letter once. I never saw her so happy. Here are some other gift ideas.

Is it possible to give a gift that’s frugal yet shows how much you care about someone? What are you giving the special moms in your life for Mother’s Day? Is it not give a gift on Mother’s Day? Do you have any good, affordable gift ideas?

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