Now Hondas are the new BMWs? | The Frugalista

Now Hondas are the new BMWs?

by frugalista on May 21, 2008

Nocars Alright, so I’m vexed again. Since gas prices are hovering around $3.80 nationally, the cost of small cars has gone up. I got issues with that. The economy cars were supposed to be our saving grace with these jacked up gas prices. Now, they are in demand and are getting pricey too. MEH!

Here’s a little video about whether premium gas is worth the extra cash. I don’t think so. I buy the cheapie gas and I’m rolling along just fine.

So talk to me. Are you in the market for a car? What do you think about economy car prices going up? And do you use cheapie gas? Can you tell the difference?

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