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Pre-Owned Perfection

by frugalista on May 15, 2008

So, I’ve been studying up on the freegans and thinking about the great response to my urban foraging expedition. Used stuff is all the rage, no? I ran across this article that talks about what’s O.K. to buy used.

I bought my car used about three years ago, and it’s been a dream. I was able to getting a higher level car than I could afford to buy if I bought new. The car was certified pre-owned and two years old. Now mind you, I bought the car in early 2005 before Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma came around. You have to be careful with the car’s history. My friend bought a used Land Rover and it’s giving her hell. It had a lot of electrical problems. I hope it’s not a hurricane car.

I clothes swap with my friends, too. That’s not buying used, it’s just wearing used goods. Honestly, I don’t really go to thrift stores. Why pay when I can swap with the homies?

Looking at the list of things that you should buy used, I agree with most of them. But I am not so sure about used kiddie toys. I would be worried that there was a recall I didn’t know about. I bet I would be a worry wart for a parent. 

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