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Stamp Price Increase Starts Monday

by frugalista on May 9, 2008

Forever_stamp Aw man. The price of stamps are going up yet again. I’m mini vexed about this. Why must this happen? First food, now stamps? I pay most of my bills online but not all. My checks cost $20 to order, too. I’m thinking this last stamp price increase may send me to online bill pay through my bank.  I was hesitant to sign up for it through the bank because I felt like it would wed me to the instituion. But, going to several sites just to pay my bills is worrisome, too. I’m going to stick it to the man! No more mail for me. I’m e-billing.

Do you pay your bills online? How much do you think that saves you? What do you think about stamps going up? Does the U.S. Postal Service need to realize that stamps are so, so, out of style?

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