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Vintage Video: Second CNN Appearance

by frugalista on May 26, 2008

I trust everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend! I just wanted to give you a mini re-cap of my weekend. I’ve been pretty good. Thursday,I spent only $5 for parking to go see Diane Rehm. Friday night, I stayed in the house and cleaned, which I actually enjoyed. Frugalistas need to be organized so they can find all their clothes. On Saturday, I tried to see the Marlins, but it was rained out. :(  On Sunday, I went a party and bought one $12 drink. Not so bad. My weekend is certainly much cheaper than a road trip. Nowadays, I buy AND party local. :)

Here’s a throwback video from when I was on CNN in February. Memories! I got professional makeup in this appearance. I call it my Miami Heat dancer look.

Happy Holiday!

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