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Can you live with only 100 things?

by frugalista on June 11, 2008

Clutter Ouch! This article hits close to home! Time magazine wrote a nice feature story about the movement for people to get rid of clutter. There’s a 100 Thing Challenge underway, for people to only own 100 things. WOW! I think this is extreme but necessary. On the good side, a pair of shoes may count as one item. Rejoice!

Every year when my mother comes to visit, we tackle a clutter project. One year, it was my drawers. I felt like I had done a mall run. So much stuff in the drawers I forgot I bought.  The other year,  we cleaned out the trunk in my car. You DO NOT want to know what I found in the trunk. Think college notebooks.  After chucking the clutter, I felt AWESOME.

I live in a small space and even the tiniest item can be overwhelming. I’m all for getting rid of stuff. The actual act of it is serious work

Dave Bruno is running a blog on his 100 Thing Challenge. Check him out at

Could you live with just 100 things? Where would you cut first? Does clutter make you feel comfortable? Are you a minimalist or pack rat? Are you going to do the challenge?

Thanks Deborah for the tip!

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