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Death to the Latte

by frugalista on June 19, 2008

Coffee1 Middle-class Americans are dropping their $4 lattes and brewing coffee at home. I think it’s a step in the right direction. The New York Times does the math on the cost of buying something cheaper -a bottle of soda- every weekday for a year:

A $1.50 bottle of soda for each weekday of the year, for example, would add up to about $390. Now at $2 in some parts of the country, the habit comes with an annual price tag of $520. Over five years, that’s $2,600.

Yikes! It all adds up. I know that Starbucks has taken a financial hit in this economy. It plans to close stores this year. I doubt I notice, though. Is it just me or do you see that green logo on every corner? The company has beefed up its rewards program to try to keep its fans. Free Wi-Fi for its habitual users.

Do you have a daily vice? How much is it costing you a week? Do you drink coffee? Have you tried to quit the habit for health reasons or financial reasons?

Thanks Lou for the tip!

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